Streaming Prime Time

May favorite show right now is Lost, lucky for me ABC has their prime time shows available to watch for free. It's ad supported wide screen flash streaming goodness. Streaming using flash like YouTube is just so much easier than say downloading on iTunes. I really dislike iTunes, the interface is irritating to me and the video quality from TV episodes is not worth 2$; especially when you don't have a video iPod. But I digress, quite a few TV stations are offering streaming content online for free, how ever they haven't figured out that people don't want to watch "extra content" that didn't air, we want to see the actual TV episodes. ABC, MTV and VH1 are the only ones I have found to actually do the full episodes, keep in mind each episode is only up for a limited amount of time, maybe so you'll buy the DVD's.

MTV and VH1 both have some good shows available to watch after they have aired. Like Surreal Life, Flavor of Love and the Wild boyz... God I hate fitting into my age demographic.

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