OMG!!!!!1!!1!!!11!!!ONE!!!!ONEONE!!!EXCLAMATIONPOINT!!! Did I scare you? No? Awe shucks. Well I bet you do have at leased some kind of virus from all that porn and warez that you have been downloading. Wait don't panic it's ok! I'm here for you and since by now your probably aware that Norton is a piece of crap, did you know that there is a free AntiVirus project. Yup that's right free. It is called ClamAV. So, don't you feel like a walking infestation looking to people in the streets for help but there is Norton in his top hat and coat with his driver opening the door to his horse and buggy and you try to catch him but its too late. ClamAV sees you and is all be it slightly disgusted but intrigued at the idea of turning you from the virus flower girl, to a lady who he can take to the races and a ball and stuff.

For Windows
For Others

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